Assogasliquidi, LPG and LNG National Association

Assogasliquidi is one of the Federchimica associations  representing  combustion and fuel LPG and LNG production and distribution companies and related supply and services companies.

Federchimica, the National Chemical Industry Federation is part of Confindustria, the main organisation representing Italian manufacturing and services companies.

Objectives and activities

From 1995, one of the Association purpose is to represent the industry both nationally and internationally, relating with Institutions and promoters the interest and the image of the LPG and LNG industry.
Assogasliquidi offers to their associated industries:
• legal advice
• technical assistance
• vocational training courses
• database creation and maintenance
• contribution to international technical laws creation
• initiatives of promotion industry management

National and international presence and partnership

Assogasliquidi cooperate with:
• Italian associations: CUNA (Commissione Tecnica di Unificazione nell'Autoveicolo), Euromobility, Kyoto Club, CIG (Comitato Italiano Gas), UNI( Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione In Evidenza), CTI (Comitato termotecnica Italiano), Confindustria Energy, Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile.
• International associations: AEGPL (European Association LPG), WLPGA (World LPG Association) CEN (Norm European Committee).

Training is a priority for Assogasliquidi

Assogasliquidi provides all the associates with information and training tools for a better industries management  in accord with the legislative scheme.

On of the priority for  Assogasliquidi is to promote and increase the security culture by constantly updated professional training.
Continuously Assogasliquidi organises and offers to all the associated companies staffs educational and training programs with the contribution of highly qualified teachers.



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